I scream, you scream, we all scream…for smoothies? That’s not how that saying goes, but anyway, smoothies have become almost (I said almost) as enjoyable as ice cream for me.

As a dance teacher, I was constantly looking for something to eat or nourish me while in the middle of telling kids to point their toes and stand in a straight line. I also seem to be constantly jumping from location to location for jobs, never eating a proper lunch, making smoothies a GREAT alternative for me.

The best part about them too, is you can get creative! Like the flavour of bananas? Add another banana in! Like them super creamy and rich, add more milk instead of water. Need it to be as nourishing as a meal, add a scoop of plant based protein in.

This recipe is for my go to green smoothie. I often don’t follow this to a tee, adding things and removing ingredients if they’re in my fridge or not. I find this to be an awesome base, for a delicious and nutritious drink!

Sometimes I even like to make a big bucket of it and bring it to the beach…to share with friends of course! Doesn’t hold well after a few days, so having someone to share it with is bonus!


Don’t be afraid to keep it in glass jars and sip it from a straw, a reusable one that is! I LOVE my stainless steel straws I got at The Soap Dispensary here in Vancouver. You can also find similar ones here!

I highly recommend a little cleaning brush too, gets inside to push the old smoothie out, dishwashers don’t quite do that!

Trying to reduce your waste but don’t want to go about it alone? Buy a little kit for you to share with someone. Going for coffees, getting an iced americano, encourage each other to bring your straws! It tastes better than plastic anyway.

Green Smoothie

*makes 2 – 3 servings, or one if you’re like me and have it for a meal and snack

1 banana
3 – 4 handfuls of spinach (great way to use frozen spinach up too)
1 cup ish of almond milk – if you’re looking to make your own nut milk you can follow my recipe!
*if you like it creamy, add milk, if you prefer to keep it light use water, add more liquid as needed for consistency
3 – 5 tbsp almond pulp, which is leftover from making homemade nut milks (could add more)
1 tbsp ish of milled flax seed
1 tbsp Hemp hearts 

Blend! Keep adding liquid as needed to achieve desired consistency.

½ – 1 cup frozen caulfilower, when you add this in you don’t taste anything, just makes it extra smoothie and extra nutrients
1 scoop protein powder, I like to add this in if I’m making a smoothie for a meal
Soaked dates or splash of honey for added sweetness

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