Hey Num in my Tum! I thought it was time for me to share a little about the 8 Food Books I Love right now, and the cookbooks, that have influenced me in my food journey!

With the internet becoming such a quick and easy tool to find recipes especially when you have only a few ingredients available, I only refer to these books when I have extra time on my hands or are looking for inspiration.

1. Chocolate Covered Katie

I LOVE this cookbook. Probably one of the first I personally owned, but it has such a great compilation of classic recipes. Most of them have alternative methods to make them healthier, and I’ve found it very easy to substitute ingredients with my own ideas.
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Chocolate Covered Katie I love this food book

2. Oh She Glows Everyday

Oh she sure does glow! This Oh She Glows Everyday cookbook was gifted to me by my Aunt. She’s a foodie like myself, and has indulged herself in trying out other plant based recipes. Although I haven’t fully gone plant based, I like Angela’s use of sauces, homemade parmesan cheese and baked goodies! PLUS it includes a  ton of tips and tricks if you’re still unfamiliar with some of the ingredients and methods Angela uses.
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Oh She Glows

3. The Preservatory

This book by Lee Murphy is an absolute treat to own! Through the incredible work of Ethan and Melissa at Food Bloggers Canada, I and alongside my great friend Britney from Savour and Shine got to visit Lee at her Vista D’oro Winery in Langley, BC! She taught myself and a group of foodies how to make our own jam, which was MUCH easier than I thought, as well as her husband Patrick giving us a great tour of their property and of course a delicious wine tasting. The couple had a real passion for the food and wine, using quality ingredients and supporting other local businesses. You shouldn’t be surprised I went home with a few of her jams (for my Mama) and a few bottles of wine from their gift shop!

This book features jam recipes as well as how to use the preservatives in cooking. A special gift from FBC and Lee, thank you!
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The Preservatory

4. Minimalist Everyday Cooking

This lady is a genius! Minimalist Baker creates recipes that are plant based, and with your time in mind! I’ve been subscribed to her newsletter for some time and think she’s a creative wonder woman for developing many recipes and ones that will save you on the clock. I normally use the recipes off her website, but having a book would be handy too (then maybe my phone and laptop would have less food crumbs on them, ha)!
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Minimalist Baker

5. Damn Delicious

First off Chungah has the absolute CUTEST Corgi who she features on her Instagram often…maybe I’m more into them then the food, shhh. BUT she does create delicious health conscious recipes, that also just make you feel at home. I first found her when trying to make a version of an Italian Wedding Soup, it was a great success!
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Damn Delicious

6. The Best of The Best and more

This recipe book is a classic and I think my momma could agree! Featuring some of your classic dishes like pull apart bread, orzo and asparagus as seen on the cover and a continuation of the great Best of Bridge Cookbook series. A staple to have on the shelf!
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The Best of The Best A Food Book I love

7. The Wellness Mama Cookbook

This cookbook is on my list to try! I feel like the weeks I don’t eat well, or eat unbalanced is due to an odd work schedule (If you didn’t know my ‘real’ job I’m a dance artist with multiple jobs so it’s never consistent). Featuring time saving advice and recipes that are easy is the name of my game! Has anyone read the book or used any of the recipes?
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The Wellness Mama Food Book I love

8. The East Van Foodie 

The last on this list, but another one on my list to try is a cookbook featuring some of Vancouver’s best cuisine. Since moving here in 2012 (can’t believe it’s been five years already), I have LOVED the variety of restaurants, to go spots and of course a coffee shop on almost every corner. This book captures some of the heart of Vancouver focusing on the East Vancouver area’s restaurants, recipes and photography! I need to get my hands on this one too.
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East Van Foodie

I’d love to hear from you which books inspire you, or you rely on their recipes to feed you! Do you have a different 8 Food Books You Love? Let me know through an email, Facebook or Instagram. Or check out some of my Monthly Favourite Posts to find new, local + interesting products for your lifestyle.

Until next time!


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