Hi I’m Anna!

You can call me Anna Banana if you’d like as that nickname suits me very well for my love of food. I’m based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! I grew up in the prairies in Calgary, Alberta and have also lived in The Netherlands when I was a kid.

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My passion for baking started around the age of 12 when my Mother brought me into the kitchen sharing her knowledge and wisdom, starting with the perfect chocolate chip cookie. My passion for food has grown, into my love for travel experiencing new cultures, exploring more plant-based food and Vegan options. Alongside my love for food and travel, I enjoy sharing tips on living a more productive life, supporting local and Canadian companies and tips to be more eco-friendly.

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Outside of the kitchen, I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Dance from Simon Fraser University. This kick started my move from Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC in 2012 and after finishing my degree, I decided to stay in Vancouver. I teach Barre at a fitness studio in North Vancouver, run a dance studio as the Academy Manager and do freelance administrative work for Human Resource companies. I’m usually daydreaming between all this of the next travel adventure. If you haven’t already been able to tell, I like to keep busy.

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Let’s work together!

I’d love to chat about how we can collaborate! For all business inquiries, partnerships, advertisements and more please contact me via e-mail at hello@annadueck.com

I enjoy working with Canadian, environmental focused brands that align with my eating preferences, love of baking, travel and more!

There are many ways we can work together, here are some ideas to spark our thoughts:

  • Product reviews
  • Recipe development
  • Insta Story takeovers
  • Sponsored Social Media Content
  • Brand ambassador
  • Speaking

Not finding what you’re looking for here? Send me an email and I’d love to chat!

A little bit more about me…
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In August of 2019, I donated my hair for the third time, this time completely shaving it off, donating 17 inches of hair for Angel Hair for Kids. They are a non-profit organization who creates wigs for kids who are going through cancer treatments, and who I sent my hair to the first two times I donated my hair. I also was able to raise over $6,500 for the Canadian Cancer Society, doubling my fundraising from 2014. A big accomplishment for myself, but couldn’t have happened without the help of family and friends.

I look forward to learning about you! Maybe over a delicious cookie and coffee!