Well folks, I survived. Thank you for supporting me through this week reading my posts, it has been quite the journey!

The week’s recipes were delicious, nutritious and filling. I will be taking what I’ve learnt from these recipes, as well as eating the leftovers (banana yogurt bark and kale squash soup) for after the challenge.

What I didn’t like about the challenge was the restriction on seasoning and overuse of some ingredients. Abby liked to use onions in a lot of lunch and dinner meals to enhance the flavour which is something I would normally avoid and didn’t like the taste of. Salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic are amazing ingredients to cook with, but I wish alternatives such as basil, red pepper flakes, oregano, coconut oil etc. would have been incorporated. As well, I’m pretty sure I used at least a 1/6 c. of my pure vanilla extract and I didn’t even do any baking!

What I appreciated about the challenge was simply that, it was a challenge. A challenge to try and take photos on my SLR camera while cooking, prepare food ahead of time, buy new ingredients and remember to blog at the end of the day! I was introduced to fennel, turnips, cauliflower rice and more as new cooking methods that I can take forward with me with my regular eating habits.

In terms of the description ‘This one-week clean eating challenge is a healthy eating boot camp that’ll teach you how to cook awesome food all year long‘, I am not sure if this suffice’s for the experience. On a regular basis I’m not tempted to eat the McDonalds I live by so the switch over to less processed foods wasn’t difficult. Meal prepping for the week has taught me a lot. I have already planned out my meals and snacks approximately for next week to help me buy just the right amount of food and adjusted according to my schedule. For example Monday’s Breakfast: peanut butter oatmeal, Snack: banana, Lunch: pesto chicken salad w/ tomatoes and goat cheese, Snack: orange and 10 almonds, Dinner: root veggie lentil soup + mushrooms and rice (prepared Sunday night) and snack will be 5 chocolate covered almonds. Prior to this challenge I would have never thought to so meticulously plan out my week, we shall see if I carry it through.

I suggest this challenge to others if you’re interested in learning how to cook whole, well-balanced meals. I’m looking forward to trying out my new slow cooker (thanks bro) and being able to incorporate peanut butter and bananas back in my diet!

Favourite Recipes of the Week
Baked Pear with Greek Yogurt and Cinnamon

Steak Asparagus Goat Cheese Salad

Eggs Baked in Kale and Turnip/­Sweet Potatoes

The Green Smoothie

Seared Flank Steak with Steamed Asparagus and Turnip­/Sweet Potato

Blood Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Cucumber, Tofu, and Barley Rice Bowl with Blood Orange Dressing

Kabocha and Kale Soup w/ Chicken

Tart Cranberry Overnight Oats

Roast Chicken with Asparagus and Barley/Rice

Banana Yogurt Bark with Grapes and Pistachios

Thanks for reading and supporting me blab about what has gone into this tummy. I hope you’ve been inspired to try cooking more and prepping what you eat within a week. Until next time, happy eating nummers XOXO


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