Fourth and last day in Chicago!

Day 3 was a busy one, so you can imagine Day 4’s morning started a bit slower than normal (I’ll let you guess why *cheers*). The only thing set on the agenda was a reservation for lunch with my friend Melissa in the Ranch Triangle area.

As mentioned in my other posts I’m directionally challenged so I left extra early to meet her. I got to the area a bit early (never a problem when you’re in a new city), so I explored Armitage Avenue. There are SO many cute local shops on the street from clothing, to cafes to eyewear etc.

While trying to kill time before lunch, I snuck into Le Pain Quotidien (translates to the daily bread) for another heavenly matcha latte. I also could not resist the French Cream Donuts that were displayed.

¾ inches high of icing inside a light dough…I packed that one up for dessert afterwards.

Next up was lunch at Summer House Santa Monica. This place is another spot I’d HIGHLY recommend! And would also highly recommend making a reservation, we were sure glad we had one.

The whole restaurant is indoors but they installed a giant sky light in the main dining area to make it feel sunny bright and like you’re sitting on a patio in Santa Monica! The decoration is beachy, light colours, stripes and makes you feel like its summer even if there’s snow outside.

I was being a Grandma that day and had hot water with lemon and my friend some tea. The food…was DELICIOUS too! I divulged into a poached egg avocado toast. I’m sure others reading this would think THEY’VE had the BEST avo toast…but I think this one was a winner for me! Accompanied by scallion mascarpone may have won me over, or it could have been their homemade country bread….let’s say it’s a tie!

We continued to wonder Amritage Avenue and N Halsted Street stopping into Alice & Wonderon W Webster Avenue and Public Shoppe on Campbell Street, where I picked up a few goodies. I was very tempted to buy more but the conversion rate Gods were telling me not a good idea!

After a little rest at home we got ready and headed to The Madison on W Madison Street for a Smoked Fontina Burger and fries (what can I say it was my last day!) and a glass of vino.

My friend had one of their fish menu items. I was trying to find it on their online menu to share it with you, but it must have been the special of the day.

The poor waiters there…there were PEI mussels on the menu so I decided to play dumb and ask them what PEI stood for just to see if they knew (it was the proud Canadian in me). Bravo…they did, Prince Edward Island!

Last on the menu for our evening was sneaking over to target for a little Halo Top ice cream. For any Canadians reading this, unfortunately this ice cream is only in the US and we’re missing out! High in protein ice cream makes this tasty treat a little less guilt tripping.

To bed it was as the next morning I was up at 3am to catch a 5am flight…thank goodness Starbucks was open for oatmeal and a cup of hot water (I brought my own tea bag #cheap). Quick transfer through Dallas (I know weird connection), and home to Vancouver it was!

P.s. does the picture below remind you of any iconic Christmas movie, starring Macaulay Culkin?

Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 were busy but all well worth the trip. Chicago is a beautiful, clean and people friendly city. Not to mention FLAT! I would love to go back and ride my road bike around the city.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the places I travelled or if you’re looking for advice on what to do!



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