And so it begins day 1 of eating healthier. I had to do things a little differently than suggested today due to my schedule being out of the house for most of the afternoon.

First off I started with only using 5 eggs in total keeping 5 egg whites and 3 yolks. I only bought one dozen eggs although the grocery list required 14, but I wasn’t able to carry two cartons back…the transit life!

Note: Use an electric mixer for the egg whites to get to a soft peak…I started whisking by hand but quickly realized my mistake and changed my mind!

I bought the wrong sweet potato…well at least compared to the website’s pictures. Looks like they used a yam and I used a sweet potato, cooked almost all the same although I dumbed some water out as only half was evaporated but outsides were soft.

This is what the frittata looked like when it came out of the oven. I should have pushed the eggs more into the vegetables for a more compact dish, but I think using less egg whites also contributed to this factor.

Steaming after I flipped the pan onto the cutting board. Of course I burnt my hand first on the handle forgetting it had just been in the oven.

VOILA! The overall taste was okay…I kept wanting to put some cheese into it. It took me just over 30 minutes to make this which is much longer than I ever put into breakfast…even on weekends, my stomach was growling while making it! Best part of the meal…the orange, however that could be because it was the highest sugar content of the meal and I’m used to having a glass of OJ in the morning.

While eating breakfast I realized I needed to make lunch and dinner next as I was leaving my house for the afternoon and would need to pack those meals!


Tofu, chickpeas and spinach with some fruity dressing. Unfortunately this is the only iPhone quality photo I have as I was rushing while making it. This salad stinks…tofu, which I’ve never been a fan of is tasted like rubber, chickpeas were flavourless and dressing tasted like someone dumbed leftover fruit juice on it. Even some raspberries or nuts would have improved the salad. However, I did use basil and chilli powder because I chose not to purchase the curry powder…should have made it spicier.

Afternoon Snack
Nomnomnom I love grapes! And almonds! I ended up eating this snack before lunch in terms of timing and convenience and was very satisfied. Imagine 3/4 cup red grapes and almonds, there is your picture!

Dinner was prepared during the same time as lunch. It was handy because I had the squash in with the tofu and chickpeas allowing the oven to be on less.

I’ve never cooked or eaten an Acorn Squash before, but enjoyed how much easier it was to cut, remove the seeds and fit in a smaller pan compared to a butternut squash. While pre-baking this I prepared the turkey stuffing.

The challenge only called for 2 tsp of tomato paste but I may have added a little extra as I assumed the flavour was going to continue to be dull with just salt and pepper like breakfast. As well, I wasn’t able to find brussel sprouts when I went to the grocery store so I took some asparagus from the stock and baked it with some olive oil next to the squash.

My favourite part of this meal…the asparagus. I put WAY too many onions in, especially because I don’t even like them. I wish more tomato paste, or actual tomatoes would be allowed to be baked in with the turkey to add more flavour. I was however pleasantly surprised by the texture and taste of the Acorn squash, I will be cooking with it again!

Evening Snack
Who can say no to chocolate…I chose two dark chocolate truffles a friend had brought back from Belgium for me! No clue if that equalled 1oz. but I’m okay with cheating on this one!

Day 1 Observations

Very filling. I felt satisfied throughout the day with the food quantity while drinking lots of water along with it. One thing I didn’t realize, although I had read, was Sunday was going to be more cooking intensive, the benefit to this, each meal provided a properly portioned leftover for another meal this week. I don’t have school or work tomorrow so tonight’s preparations will be left until tomorrow morning!

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