Day 3 is complete! Close to halfway!


Day 3’s overnight oats were delicious! I was a bit skeptical eating oats cold that weren’t cooked but thought of it as a version of a granola and yogurt bowl.

Instead of dried cherries I used dried cranberries because they were already in my pantry. The best part of this breakfast…ready to go! Pulled it out of the fridge, put some almonds on top sat down with my coffee (no tea, americano) and was able to eat right away.

I will use this recipe in the future with a few different changes to make for easier breakfast preparations. Banana, peanut butter, walnuts, blueberries, raspberries…options are endless, and delicious!


Today’s lunch was Sunday’s dinner of leftover acorn squash with turkey, kale and onion. I must have misread and saved some asparagus from dinner for lunch which I ate alongside 1/2 an english cucumber. The watery taste of the cucumber with the squash was a tasty combination, although I still think I put too much onion in the squash recipe.

Afternoon Snack
I didn’t end up eating the afternoon snack. I didn’t enjoy the taste of the chickpeas on Sunday and was running errands leaving me to forget about them. I regret not grabbing a different protein alternative as it caused me to nibble on some grapes before dinner.


I forgot to grab two acorn squash during my initial grocery shop, I had to pick up one before school today alongside fennel, fish and salsa, more ingredients I had forgotten.

I got today’s second workout in trying to peel the bumpy squash and cut it. Make sure you have a very sharp, large knife when cutting any squash to prevent the knife slipping and cutting yourself.

Luckily the celery and onion was much easier to cut, and thanks to my handy dandy garlic cutter gadget (thanks Mom), dicing garlic was easy too!

Once the squash was cooking, the next step was to prepare the tempeh…I didn’t buy any. I like to eat protein after dance class, which I skipped out on with the afternoon snack, so I knew some more protein was necessary in my dinner.

With some tofu leftover from the larger block I had bought for Sunday’s lunch, I cooked some tofu until crispy in olive oil. Approx 6 pieces, 3 of which I will save for Day 5 when I have leftover soup.

My tiny pan did the perfect trick getting the tofu crispy while the squash cooked.

VOILA! The soup! This dinner was much different than I’m used to. I’m not a huge soup eater besides when I’m sick or tomato soup to dip my grilled cheese in so I felt a little empty for dinner. There was a lot of slurping and sipping many times to try and finish the bowl, luckily the tofu provided some crunch! The flavour was delicious however and I was pleased at the texture considering the squash started very hard. My normal blender which is commonly used for smoothies did the trick (after I spilt some broth all over the counter). I will keep this soup method in mind experimenting with other vegetables and seasonings!

Evening Snack

My favourite part of the day…CHOCOLATE. I may have overindulged and had a couple more truffles than I was allowed…#yolo.

Day 3 Observations

Day 2 is still winning as my favourite day thus far…I need some meat. Although I’ve self identified as a lazy-tarian (meaning I’m too lazy to cook meat), being home for the holiday has left me craving protein and Vitamin B12 more! Can’t wait to use the steak and fish to make some more fulfilling meals, day 4’s lunch looks #nomnomnom!


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