Day 2’s breakfast is still winning for the best, but this will come in 2nd. Greek yogurt parfait with grapes, pistachios and vanilla…the only problem, the grocery list called for plain greek yogurt which I find the most difficult thing to eat on its own.

I enjoyed that the recipe allowed you to add vanilla to the yogurt for flavour, but come morning I couldn’t eat it plain. I had to add about a tbsp of honey to the parfait to eat the whole thing! If I were to repeat this morning’s breakfast, I would have bought a container of vanilla or coconut 0% Greek yogurt as well as a plain container. I already ran out of Greek yogurt too and I had bought  a large container…it’s only day 4, third grocery shop it is!

I ate breakfast around 7:00am and was unfortunately hungry by 10:00am already. This is where I normally would bring a banana to work, I thought about switching the evening snack for a morning snack since I knew how late dinner would be made today but wasn’t able to keep it frozen with today’s schedule.


I was super excited about today’s lunch to eat the leftover barley! An interesting combination of food to create a version of a salad, but a fantastic use of ingredients and leftovers! Instead of peeling MORE pistachios (it was past 11pm the night before and I got lazy), I threw in 20 chickpeas I didn’t eat from yesterday’s afternoon snack as an alternative.

One of my favourite things to do is reuse containers for other ingredients. I put my salad in a peanut butter jar (since I knew I wouldn’t be reheating it), and the leftover orange vinaigrette in …a sprinkle container!

These two containers were the perfect size for what I needed to pack a to go lunch, sometimes tupperware and other container companies just don’t have the specific size to what you need. Plus…in the long run you’ll make a baby impact on the environment!

Afternoon Snack
Today’s snack was an orange and 20 almonds, a fantastic combination for after my dance class.


This meal I was looking forward to since Sunday. Why you may ask? GOAT CHEESE, well cheese in general for that matter! Plus, PROTEIN…eggs, yay.

However…it was gross. Some of the other meals haven’t been my favourite based on my normal eating habits but this meal was weird. If I were to consider making it again I would have just cooked the cauliflower rice plain, with water. The garlic, soy sauce and chicken stock was a weird combination of flavours. Add in green onions, goat cheese, salsa, tomatoes and eggs…sure did not leave me feeling well. The weirdest part about it, it was SO filling…I could only eat 1/3 of the bowl. Unfortunately the meal I was looking forward to most did not meet my expectations, and I wasted food.  I do want to share a cooking tip I learned from my mother. Instead of buying cartons of chicken stock (unnecessary packaging), I used to buy broth cubes to mix with hot water to create chicken or beef broth. Well this is ‘Better than Bouillon‘, the taste is much richer and comes in a container meaning you can make the flavour a bit stronger or weaker than the suggestive quantity. Evening Snack
I only had a little bit of the yogurt bark tonight after the way dinner left me feeling. May eat the remainder tomorrow night or at the end of my challenge. Day 4 Observations
Today was a good and bad day. Breakfast: bad, lunch: great, snack: great, dinner: horrible, snack: great. I’m also partially blaming it on the idea that I may have the challenge blues because it is hump day and I just want some peanut butter and banana back in my life…and maybe a cookie. Tomorrow’s smoothie and dinner doesn’t look too bad…but then I again I said that about today’s dinner. Thankfully I think all the onions are GONE. Day 5 here we come!

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