PEANUT BUTTER! I was very pleased the night before to read that peanut butter would be going in the breakfast smoothie. As mentioned before I replaced the pomegranates with grapes, expecting the combination of peanut butter, grapes and oranges to be odd but was happily surprised.

I ran into a problem with all of the frozen fruit not fitting into my single serving smoothie cup. I decided to add half the frozen oranges and grapes into the smoothie and ate the rest on their own.


I didn’t eat lunch until around 3:30pm after I was done class making this a smaller portion than if I would have ate at a normal time.

I wish when this soup was planned for dinner, chicken would have been included as the protein for the meal, it made the overall texture much more enjoyable. A few pieces of leftover barley/rice were stuck to my chicken which added a surprising crunch when eating. I have approx. 3 portions of the soup left which I have frozen to use for weeks after the challenge.

Afternoon Snack

I ate this afternoon’s snack before my lunch because of today’s schedule and my hunger level then. I think if I am using squash more in the future I will keep the seeds and cook them. It seems silly now to throw them out when they could be turned into a fantastic snack! I added salt and pepper to the egg because a plan hard-boiled egg would have been gross.


Tonight’s dinner was yummy and more my style. I chose cod instead of salmon for cost reasons and made a quick marinade of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika to sprinkle on the fish.

The potatoes were cooked in the oven as suggested and came out nice and crispy just as I enjoy them.

I went the old school way and just cooked broccoli on the stovetop instead of dirtying more dishes by cooking it part way in the microwave. I’ve also come to a recent conclusion with my eating habits that I really don’t like broccoli. Growing up as a kid it was never my favourite but mom would put cheez whiz on it to cover up the taste. Although the nutritional benefits are great, I’ll be honest I didn’t eat all my greens tonight.

I’m happy with this meal. Plus I’ve now learnt cooking food in the oven is more convenient because you can clean up the kitchen while you wait, efficiency!

Evening Snack

My evening snack was consumed before my dinner tonight…things were a little bit backwards today because I woke up much later. I also cheated and did my version of a mocha: half an espresso shot, nesquik (I know, so bad for you), splash of almond milk and water. I drank it around 4:00pm just when I was debating between a nap or caffeine. I also love my ‘Challenge Your Frontiers’ mug, reminding me to take on these challenges and stick to them…like blogging everyday for a full week!

Day 5 Observations
Overall today was an okay day in terms of food. As I was prepping tonight for tomorrow’s food…I don’t know if I can say the same. I’m a little bit annoyed with some of the preparation time for some of the meals and don’t understand why some snacks are so much larger than others, or how a drink counts as a snack. It could be just day 5 talking wishing I could go back to my normal bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch. Time to hang in there and make it to day 7!

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