This morning’s breakfast was yummy. I was trying to be efficient by preparing the ingredients overnight in my liquid measuring cup.

I was surprised how well it worked out with eggs having been beaten the evening the night before and were not completely soaked by the oats. I added dates instead of the dried cranberries which made me add just a splash of almond milk instead of the yogurt over top to cut the sweetness.


Today’s lunch was leftover fish from last night, fennel, dates (instead of dried cherries) and was supposed to include 2 cups of spinach. I ended up only eating the fennel portion of the salad. I had to leave for class and wasn’t hungry after, leaving me to put the fish in the freezer and I will include the spinach in a soup, salad or smoothie next week.

I was apprehensive of the fennel because I’m not a fan of black liquorice but was happily surprised. The fennel had a cooling after taste to it, combined with the sour of the vinaigrette and sweetness of dates made for a delicious lunch! I do not think I’ll be cooking with fennel every week, but would like to add it into my list of ingredients to work with.

Afternoon Snack

This was leftover broccoli and potatoes from last night mixed with a dressing for today’s snack, it was gross. I tried one potato and couldn’t eat it. Unfortunately this resulted in me throwing it out and not eating a snack. I wasn’t hungry anyway and just wanted to try the recipe, but sure glad I wasn’t hungry! Broccoli and potatoes are meant to be eaten warm!


MEAT. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. I think this dinner wins the best dinner award out of the 6 days, could just be the Alberta girl talking though.

I didn’t end up mashing the turnip and sweet potatoes together because I thought it was an unnecessary step. As well, I decided to turn them sweet (can you tell I love sugar), by sprinkling honey and cinnamon overtop and stirring the pot.

It was suggested to cook the steak and asparagus separately but I thought that was silly and a waste of dishes. With about 8 minutes left for my turnip and squash I put the asparagus in the pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper. With 4 minutes left I added the steak, flipping about half way through. It turned out a little medium in the end but was very delicious!

Evening Snack
Instead of apple and peanut butter, I had peanut butter and dates. Some may think of this as a weird combination but I was really craving sweets after the steak and dates is the only sugary item I have. Can’t wait to get back to baking this weekend!

Day 6 Observations
Overall today was definitely a weird day. I think if I would have ate all the meals as suggested I would have been very full and bloated. The afternoon snack looked like a meal on its own! I am very happy she included steak in the menu however and it turned out as delicious as it did. Last day tomorrow, not sure how it’s going to work as weekends are just as busy as my weekdays but we’ll make it work.

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