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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, I appreciate the support no matter how small. In the last couple of years I’ve taken the time to support companies that are local to my current location Vancouver, BC. Additionally, I want to support you, my readers with businesses who’s intentions align with mine through discount codes for you! This includes ethical production, recyclable packaging, conscious consumption, produced locally and more. The companies listed below are companies, I use and support, and hope you find them useful too, and may consider giving them a try with a little help from my discount codes.

Have a question about a company? I’d love to connect to share more about how I enjoy their product or service, come say hi!

The following discount codes are listed in alphabetical order to help you find the code you’re looking for faster. Some of the discount codes contain affiliate links to help continue support the work I’m doing on my blog and social media content, thanks!

1. Ativo Skin Care

Use the code ‘ANNA15’ until September 30, 2020, for 15% off!

This is my FAVOURITE skincare company. I’ve been ordering from them since May 2018, initially because I wanted to support a local, female created business, and felt the way they shared information about  their product was raw, informative and educational. I now only use their products on my face and have tried some of their shampoos, muscle cream etc., can’t say enough good things about the product and company, worth the investment for sure. Enjoy!

Use the code ‘ANNA15’ until September 30, 2020, for 15% off!

2. Checkout 51 – Save on your groceries

This has been a huge helper in purchasing groceries. Offering money back on your grocery list, sign up for this app through the link, and start saving. I’ve saved over $100 so far, by purchasing items I would have been anyway and getting a small return for my money!

3. Craft Of Lyfe – 15% off with code ‘Anna’

This company is small, but growing with intention to support educational initiatives. They’re designed and based in Victoria, allowing you to choose the educational program you’d like to support through the purchase of your products. The sweats and long sleeve shirts are my favourite for lounging or keeping my body warm before working out or dancing. Plus this black tank’s V-line pictured below is my fav tucked into pants, jean skirt or jeans.

4. Pure Anada Cosmetics – get $10 off your first order

Another Canadian company favourite, cruelty free and Canadian made cosmetics, at a reasonable price. I’ve been enjoying using their mascara, eyebrow powder, pressed powder, eyeshadows and bronzer for over 2 years now. The lightweight formula, and cruelty free efforts make it an easy purchase for my makeup. Plus this discount code gives you $10 off, a great way to give a produce a try!

5. Quickbooks Self Employed – 50% for your first 12 months

Any fellow bloggers, independent dance artists/teachers or freelancers reading this post? This app has SAVED me during taxes time since 2018. It automatically tracks your car travel, helps you separate personal vs. business expenses and signing up through my discount code, you get your first 12 months half price, pretty good deal if you ask me!

6. Spud Grocery Delivery – save on your amazing local groceries code CRVAN-DUEANA

Spud Grocery Delivery is available in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton. They offer local, organic, all diets including vegan products for you and your home. With easy delivery, and reusing their boxes for delivery I support how this company is operating, it’s awesome. Save $20 off your first order with my discount code – CRVAN-DUEANA

Have a question about a company? I’d love to connect to share more about how I enjoy their product or service, come say hi!

If you are a company looking to work with me, send me an email and I’d love to collaborate.


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