Happy Father’s Day Dad!

I was very thankful this year to be able to spend this day with my dad! My gift to him was to make brunch for him and the family…my budget is tight for gifts!

The day before I handed him a piece of paper with red ribbon on it and asked him to please ‘deal with it’. He was a bit confused at first but once he opened it, he got the memo quickly.

One thing I miss about Calgary living in Vancouver, is the grocery stores and big bulk feeling of buying. The Superstore is huge and has everything you need and the Costco is huge with tons of parking, not to mention their own liquor store (yay for independently owned). In retrospect of this, you don’t get the intimacy of a local market or feeling like you’re supporting one’s dream business or efforts to make it.

Anyway, back to breakfast! Alarm was set for 7:30am, even though I got up at 8:00am (shocker), went downstairs and turned on Dad’s spiffy coffee maker to give him a shot of espresso. Had to keep the old man (he’s not really THAT old, ha!) happy before the siblings woke up for 9:00am. Unfortunately he’s a very early riser, so there was no chance of being able to bring him breakfast in bed!

I began dicing and slicing:
– apples
– avocado
– bananas
– cheese
– mushrooms
– red pepper
– spinach
– strawberries
– watermelon

– bacon
– eggs
– toast

I had to be strategic in my order of prepping things to keep the hot things hot and the butter on the toast still melting as it hit the table!

Dad’s Omelete
– Cracked 3 eggs into a bowl, added diced red pepper, green onion, mushrooms and a little bit of my addition of spinach into a bowl. Sprinkled some salt and pepper on top and a splash of water to make it fluffy. Mix!

Fruit Plate
– Arranged Bananas, Apples, Raspberries and Strawberries on a plate and put it on the kitchen table

– Avocado was sliced and placed on the table
Liberté’s greek yogurt was placed on the table (yay for a Canadian product!)

– I brought home 3 mini jam jars in my carry-on from my time spent on Vista D’oro Farms making jam with Lee Murphy. I brought home The Preservatory’s Fig and Walnut Wine, Spiced Apple & Gewürztraminer and Rhubarb and Vanilla. They were a treat to place on the table for toast!

– Bacon package was prepped with a pan, and special lid to cover the grease
– Peanut butter and chia seeds were on the table (mostly for me, hehe)

Scrambled Eggs for the kiddos
– 6 eggs cracked in a bowl with salt and pepper and a splash of almond milk (sister is dairy free)

My amazing mother now joined me in the kitchen and she took over bacon duty! I started on Dad’s omelette (cue the dun dun dun music). Little EVOO in the pan, drop the egg mixture into the pan and waited. I like to poke little holes in the centre with my spatula to allow for excess egg mixture to drop down and become cooked. As well as swirling the pan to allow the excess egg mixture to touch the edges. Once the edge were coming off the pan, I flipped into half and pushed it down slightly to allow for loose batter to be cooked. Slid out of the pan onto a plate and voila!

Scrambled eggs were followed to be cooked. I also sautéd leftover red pepper, mushrooms and spinach for anyone else wanting toppings. Mama buttered the toast, the siblings were woken up and all was on the table, including dad’s Americano.

My plate included
– Bacon (of course)
– Eggs with veggies
– Latte
Liberté greek yogurt with berries and banana
Silver Hills Bakery Little Big Bread with peanut butter and a tsp of chia seeds

It was a delicious start to the morning and dad was a happy camper!

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