How’s Business Babe? | February 2021

Welcome to round one of my How’s Business, Babe? series. What’s this series about you ask? It’s a little behind the series of how my baby blog business is doing. I plan on keeping this series positive, but transparent. I’ve had self-doubt about this blog for years (I’m talking 5+), but it’s time to build my confidence and share some good vibes with you. It’s time to get over this concept of imposter syndrome of the thought of this being a passion project or business, as I shared in my last newsletter. Time to shout success and growth from the rooftops, and be proud of the momentum, no matter how big or small.

February Business Update

Disclaimer: I earn affiliate income from qualifying purchases.

Any chance you’re feeling the same way? Let’s connect over it, I believe sharing is caring and team work makes the dream work.

In building my confidence, it’s taken me time to re-establish my relationship with Instagram. After a 4 month pause / minor break-up with the channel, I’m back baby! Come hang out with me there @anna_dueck.

Anna Dueck Instagram Business

Through this series you’ll see some wins of the month, goals for next month, thoughts over this period of time and the numbers. I’m a numbers nerd, which surprises many, as my post-secondary degree was the farthest thing from any scientific or factual area of learning. I took AP math in high school, and have always found numbers satisfying. 2 + 2 = 4, it’s so simple.

I’m winning (and proud of it!)

In this journey of sharing, blogging and content creating, as it develops into a proper name, I know part of the journey will be keeping a positive outlook. In this departure from Instagram I’ve notice myself comparing my journey to others who are winning in the middle of theirs, have a team to do ½ of their work, or funds to supplement it all. I’m trying to not compare my beginning (or any part of my journey for that matter) to anyone else’s, but instead be confident in my wins, accomplishments and success.

I hope you’ll share a mini golf clap for these.

Let’s talk about some business wins

I wrote on the blog again. This should seem simple, but it had been MONTHS since writing and sharing. I’m happy to be back, and in a way I feel that I can contribute time to the blog more effectively. Why should I spend 2 – 3 hours scrolling the internet pretending to be doing something, when I could be blabbing away here.

I’m back on Instagram. It feels good, but also a bit weird. I’ve gone almost 4 months without sharing regularly, and may take some time to re-ignite the habit. Come say hi!

I enjoyed two Dine Out Vancouver meals with my partner. We’re both foodies, and couldn’t help but treat ourselves to a Valentine’s Day meal at Bombay Kitchen and Bar and to upscale sushi at Minami (pictured above). Dine Out is a fantastic concept, and a great way to try a new restaurant, without having to decide what to try, the chefs do it for you! That being said, the February eating out budget got blown…March will be tightened up!

Quantitative business wins

Because numbers matter to math nerds like me.

  • 1 blog post written (2 if you count this one)
  • There is an 86% growth in page views and 104% growth in new users visiting my site, hello new friends!
  • YouTube channel has increased in views by 0.35%…maybe it’s time for a new video? Comment below what you would like to see!
  • Instagram reach has increased by 0.27% and followers dropped by 0.48%. This is no surprise as I hadn’t posted any content since November 2020.
  • Facebook reach has increased by 31.58% and page likes by 0.31%. I have to thank my Mama and her friends for keeping this going. Facebook as a platform, is changing, and it’s something I’m trying to dissect in my regular day job. Who’s on the channel anymore, is it worth posting to?
  • Affiliate income has grown in clicks by an average of 117.26% but no actually money making yet. I feel this is extra important to share, as YOU make this happen…THANK YOU. Using this blog as a possible passive income stream, is a huge incentive for me. I have a dream of owning a tiny home, in the next few years, and hope this can help make that dream become a reality.

I share these numbers, because the hustle is real. But also because I enjoy being transparent about my growth. I hope it inspires you to do the thing you’ve been wanting to do.

Looking ahead into March

Looking into the month of March, my quick wish list is writing two blog posts, continuing to take my friend Melissa’s Barre classes (and not letting time zones be an excuse to not attend), making time to go visit the beach, especially as the weather continues to warm up (here we go again with the weather) and to start planning camping trips! Last summer was one of the first times I camped in the Lower Mainland (after being here for 8+ years), and wish I pushed myself to do it sooner. Last summer I committed to buying a tent, sleeping bags and stole my parent’s sleeping mats, so I better make use of them again soon.

What’s your wishlist / goal for next month? Sharing is caring, comment below!

Are you seeing all that you would like to on Send me a message and let me know what’s missing or how we can work together?

Curious about growth from previous months, read the other How’s Business, Babe? updates.

Disclaimer: I earn affiliate income from qualifying purchases.

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