Hey friends! First off, wowza! I love interacting with you all either in person, through social media or feeling like those who engage in any of my content enjoy it (hope I’m not wrong, ha!)

Well not all of you answered to see what’s in my bathroom cupboard with a blog post, but if you’re ever interested here’s a place you can read about it! I’ve slowly been trying to change all of my products to Canadian and natural products, but it’s been and will continue to be a slow process!

Thanks to my Mom visiting last July, she discovered that my apartment has a medicine cabinet behind the mirror. I was shocked! I’d already been in the space for 7 months and had no idea…but I guess that’s what moms are for!

P.s. a lot of these items are on my shop page! Feel free to check it out!

Medicine Cabinet

Top Row
– Advil – for headaches or MAJOR muscle aches
– Activated charcoal
– I sometimes add this with lemon into water for a quick detox or with baking soda and coconut oil to try and whiten my teeth (I try to do this once a week)
– Vitamin D: If you live in Vancouver you’ll understand. If I’m really feeling down and it’s been raining all week, I’ll take a Vitamin D pill and find my mood improves. It rains A LOT here, but I do love it!
– Scentuals Headache Essential Oil Aromatherapy Roll-On – whenever I have a headache I roll this on and feel release. I also have Scentuals’ Sleep EO Roll-On which I LOVE, and use almost every night and the Scentuals Focus EO Roll-On, which I use to focus  when I do things like this, write blogs!
– Peppermint and vanilla essential oil refills from The Soap Dispensary (you bring your own containers to their store, it’s amazing)
– My homemade charcoal, baking soda and coconut oil whitening toothpaste
– Venus razor refills: I’d like to eventually move to a single razor like this, where you buy simple refills
– Retainer…yep I still have to wear this 7 years after braces

Medium Row
– Cotton Swabs: once I’m done with my extra stock I think I’ll buy these, where the stem is recyclable
– Vaseline (once this is used up won’t buy again, I’ve heard things) and my lip balm gift from The Sweat Lab (p.s. they’re expanding to North Vancouver soon and I’ll be teaching there!
– Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator: posted about this product at the beginning of January, I’ve been LOVING it. Applying before putting on my makeup
– Satya Eczema Skin Care – One of my FAVourite products. They’re made here in Vancouver, BC and have been a huge help in the small spots of eczema on my face. It’s composed of only five ingredients and is fragrance free. They also have an awesome travel size!
– Dental floss – I reused the floss container and put inside Dental Lace’s silk floss refills from The Soap Dispensary, a little McGiver moment
– Cotton pads – I want to switch these to either reusable cosmetic pads or compostable ones. I have a big pack I’m trying to use up, then after I’ll look for a product like this

Bottom Row
– Bamboo Toothbrush – it’s compostable when you’re done with it! Brush Naked Bamboo Company is in Kelowna making these awesome brushes. I just haven’t quite switched my special someone’s brush to bamboo yet…I’ll convince him soon enough!
– Tom’s toothpaste is my FAVOURITE natural, but not too nasty where you dread brushing your teeth like me. They’re fluoride free, use no animal products and even as far as gluten free (never knew toothpaste could include gluten, ha)
– Boo Bamboo Anti-Humidity Hair Spray: When I first ordered this product I thought it was aerosol free…but it wasn’t. Nonetheless this product smells AMAZING, like a Pina Colada. This product is Canadian (Ontario) as well as sulphate, paraben, DEA and cruelty free, an all Natural Formula, and Vegan…like come on!
– H2 Cleansing Wash- given to me as a gift I’ve been using at night once my makeup is off
– Bausch and Lomb Biotrue contact lens solution. If you didn’t know now you do, I need four eyes all the time!

Bathroom Cupboard

Top Shelf
I’ve made this my extra stock shelf, and for the items I don’t use often
– Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Wash: my go to face wash. I’ve been using it for years, it’s affordable, light and just the best. My open bottle stays in my shower
– Feminine products – slowly trying 100% cotton tampon and pad products, will let you know what I like. One day I’ll get the courage to try a diva cup!
– Extra bars of soap and a tin can to take with me when travelling
– Sunscreen, extra contacts, cotton swabs, Bausch & Lomb contact solution, hair elastics + bobby pins

Middle Shelf
Makeup! I hope you all enjoyed my recent Pure Anada giveaway. I’ve been loving their products because they’re Canadian which makes me stoked to be supporting a fellow Canadian business. As well they’re organic, natural and cruelty free, woo hoo!
– Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base in Golden Medium and Oil Free Camouflage aka concealer in Golden
– Pure Anada Cosmetics: mascara (black), pressed eyeshadows (Greenlander, Rosen Gold, and Ivory Tower), eyeliner (brown),  Loose Mineral Brow Color (cinder), Loose Mineral Highlight Powder (ethereal) and Loose Mineral Contour Powder (alluring), Loose Mineral Luminous Bronzer (light)
– Johnson’s Baby Powder I’ve been using this as dry shampoo in my hair. I’ve heard it’s not the best to be using but once this bottle is done I’ll be switching to use Acure Dry Shampoo
– Bath and Body Works Stress Relief – Eucalyptus and Spearmint. My sister gifted this to me at Christmas because she thinks I always say ‘Vancouver is so stressful’, the little jokster. However I’ve been loving the scent, rubbing some on my shoulders and chest before bed.
– Pixie by Petra black mascara and eye bright liner which I use for my lower inner lid to make my eyes look bigger, I always look like I’m asleep haha.
– e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder
– My lipstick bowl: a combination of red, brown and neutral shades I’ve collected over time.

Lower Shelf
– Perfume: I think it makes the shelf look fancier haha
– Saje Reed Diffuser Kit: the original bottle is now empty so I just fill it up with my favourite essential oil and water.
– TP, never be without it!
– Woodlot Flora Lotion: given as a gift but for guests to use when they need some extra moisture

Well that’s my cupboard!

As mentioned in my Instagram story videos, I’ve slowly been trying to replace my products with first Canadian store goods and secondly more natural and environmentally friendly products! Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error too to see if you will actually like a new product. Im also budget conscious, if I have an older product to use up, I will first before I purchase a new one. I feel it’s about making those smaller changes that fit your lifestyle needs.

Have an awesome February everyone!

Feel free to contact me about any of these products or my regimes. I’m by no means a makeup or skin expert, ha and as I write this I’m wearing no makeup BUT by asking others you never know what you’ll discover.


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