We’re ready for round TWO of my monthly favourites. March was my first month to share some of the products, items and experiences I’ve been loving as of lately —> read about it here

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April has been a bit of a catch up month for me. Getting things organized in the home including switching my agenda back to an electronic version on my phone and computer, it’s help me sync my calendars at my other jobs so I can plan ahead better for the next day. As well as trying to push out all the old content that needs a check mark next to it on the to do list!

Which includes my Milan Vlog video —> watch here!

If you have any feed back for my Monthly Favourite posts, please contact me to share! Open ears for what you’d like to see more of here.

Here are some of my April Favourites I’m enjoying right now:

1. WithinUs Collagen
Every morning this stuff goes in my coffee. Well, every morning that I’m home and remember that is, ha! BUT I love this collagen, for first of making my coffee thick and frothy mixed with some warm plant based milk but for added health benefits. Hair is stronger, and I always notice baby hairs re-growing, even if it doesn’t make it thicker (the longer my hair has gotten, the thinner it has been), stronger nails and less ache in my bones. I’m no doctor, or certified nutritionist, however the aches that used to be in my bones, not as much muscles, seems to disappear better when doing anaerobic activity like teaching or between movement slots. PLUS they have an amazing matcha collagen combo, that I’m just budgeting for to re-order once my regular collagen is empty. BONUS this company is Canadian, and I couldn’t be more proud to support.


2. Consignment and Second Hand stores that don’t want to make you take a bath when you leave
I think this title is awesome, but call me a diva if you’d like to. You know that feeling of entering a second hand store, more often the chain ones, and it’s just got that smell. That mix of odours creating a lingering smell, that makes you question if any of the clothes are clean? Mmhhmm, miss germaphobe over here, me, is NOT a fan of that, and the main reason why I didn’t shop second hand for years.

BUT I’m in love with consignment stores, that are local, curated and you walk in to a fresh scent. Hunter and Hare in Vancouver is one of my favs, as well as smaller chain stores like the Salvation Army in North Vancouver. I’ve come to be more selective for which stores to shop second hand, but long term has helped me save money on clothes, and find items I would normally not be able to afford. WIN. Slow and steady will win this waste of fighting against fast fashion.

3. Almond Butter
I was obsessed with peanut butter since university, but Almond Butter is my new jam (get it pb + jam, haha). Almond butter, to me, has a bit less of a salty taste, but ooo so thick and heavenly. Especially with bananas, and to my surprise blueberries, they’re an awesome combo. Generally more expensive in cost to PB is the only downside, but if you’re in Vancouver and can find this container usually less than $15 for this big thing.

Tip: If ordering online, don’t forget to read how big the container is or else you may not be getting good bang for your buck.

4. Single Blade Razor
I don’t normally talk a ton about my beauty regime, but this one has become a no brainer to me. I invested in a single blade razor from The Soap Dispensary, and I sure am glad I did. The metal handle does cost more initially (average $55CAD), the refill blades are CHEAP and long term, shaving with this is much more affordable. You can re-order the blades online like these or find them at your local drug store. the handle feels so much nicer in my hand vs a plastic handle. If you remove the blade too, it’s easy to travel with.

5. Classic Mason Jars
I think almost any generation would call mason jars a pantry staple, but they really have helped make my pantry more streamline. With different container sizes, boxes, bags etc. I was finding it more difficult to find what food I actually had in my fridge and pantry. In my pantry I used some of the 1L regular width jars to set some order in place. You can order them in sets of 12 here. Because they are glass, being able to see through the container to actually recognized at what items are inside has been a huge help. Less guessing, and less space to try and memorize your pantry!

6. Pacsafe Backpack
My favourite item purchased last spring before my trip to Europe that is with me all the time. This backpack, is #1, safe. There’s pockets inside to protect your cards and ID from being scanned as well as the ability to lock both the zippers when out exploring. Why it’s on my April favourites list, is as I begin to walk more (#8 on this list) and eventually cycle more, it’ll become even more of a staple piece.

Reasons I love it:
– the double water bottle holders actually fit two bottles (or a to go mug)
– there’s a laptop sleeve to protect your baby while walking around
– as well as pockets inside both compartments to keep everything organized.

This is my go to bag in the city, when travelling + for grocery shopping, worth the investment!

7. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts
This should come as no surprise to those who follow me regularly. Hemp hearts are my jam. Especially when they’re made by a Canadian company. Great addition for salads, smoothies, oatmeal and more, I love to sprinkle them on top for a little extra protein and fibre.

8. Walking more
Vancouver’s spring has definitely sprung, and it has me more motivated to increase my activity level. Continuing to teach Barre and Dance is one method, but also walking! This saves me money on gas or a bus fare, but also wakes me up, and lets me breath in fresh air from location to location. Not doable in all cities, but if you can walk, why not!

Looking for some shoes that are waterproof, lightweight and comfortable?
Check out Vessi Footwear. I love mine!

I hope you enjoyed the second addition of Monthly Favourites for April! If you’re curious about my favourites more related in the kitchen, everyday living, food etc. send me an email or DM and I’ll be sure to include it.

Thanks for reading and sharing 🙂


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