Updated January 4, 2020
Mamma Mia March! Where has 2019 gone, we are 3 weeks into March and almost done the third month of 2019. It really feels a bit crazy to be thinking about time like this, considering I felt like I was just in Portland 2 weekends ago (did you read about it yet).

This is my first posting of my monthly favourites! I’m always on the hunt for new products, ideas, services or activities that fit more and more into the type of lifestyle I’d like to achieve. I mean the hard part with this, is that, that desired lifestyle will forever be changing, but I’m actively working towards trying to achieve the one I desire present day.

I do my best to reduce waste in my household, at work and especially when travelling. I also feel the best when I can support local businesses, independent owners, Canadian products (if we’re looking on items made in mass production), or from more natural and sustainable ingredients.

I feel making small and slow changes is the best way to go. Don’t clear your closest out at once to buy all the ethical clothing, that sort of goes against why you’re changing it in the first place. But once that pair of jeans gets a hole in it (hello my Monday night, right in the inner thigh), I’ll be looking for a better product to replace it.

Here are some of my March favourites I’m enjoying right now!

1. Klorane Shampoo
First of all, it comes out like liquid gold and makes me feel all fancy and like I can afford real gold, ha! The company makes their product in Paris, France (score, less mass produced), it contains natural products (score again) and is easily available at your local Shoppers Drug Mart (triple score) or Amazon if you like the convenience of items to your doorstep. The scent and texture of my hair has been fantastic since using it.

2. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill
This was a bit of an impulse buy for the month. I’ve been quite strict on my budget lately (taxes, am I right *sob* ) BUT this was one thing I’ve been thinking about for sometime and felt like today was the day! I used to grind my beans in my blender, yes I know that’s 100% not what you’re supposed to do but I was lazy…okay? This little nugget is so easy to use. There’s a coarse or a fine setting for bean consistency, depending on which machine you use to make your coffee (I am in love with my Bodum for apartment living), and you just crank the handle. A non-electric grinder also means I could take this camping, outdoors for a morning picnic etc. and have FRESH coffee beans.

3. Vitamix
Ooo baby, this bad boy has been a long time coming of a product for me. It’s not cheap, it’s an investment, but I’ve NEVER heard anyone be unsatisfied without their Vitamix. This thing is a BEAST. With 2.2 horse power, it chews and smooths out whole chunks of food. Yes chunks of apple right into my smoothie, with no chunks when it’s done. When buying the Vitamix, the Ascent series has the same power, so it’s really how fancy you want to get on the front settings, the more digital the more expense. I went for the A2300 series, saved a few dollars, and still got the same bang for my buck in terms of power.

4. Vessi Footwear
If you live in Vancouver and you’re on Instagram, I’m sure this brand has come across your page more than one time. Mamma so kindly gifted me a pair for Christmas, and yes they are waterproof 100%. You can literally dip your foot in a puddle, and no sticky feet afterwards. I will say I don’t wear socks in mine (gross I know), and you can imagine how stinky they get. I’ll be on a hunt for some super thin socks soon! P.s. they work great on a hike and handling mud too, as seen below.

5. Klorane Dry Shampoo
This ties in with #1 for a March favourite! I’ve been using this dry shampoo longer than the wet stuff, but as this if my first favourites posting, it had to be included. This stuff is magic. It really doesn’t carry a scent, so if you’re looking for something chemically over perfumed, don’t even try this. BUT without an aerosol spray, this is the major upside for me. I thought it would be difficult to get the product out of the bottle, but it’s the complete opposite. A little one, two puff and it’s out! For brunettes be careful, how close you’re puffing the powder out as it’s quite white, and you’ll want to really rub it in.
P.s. sorry this isn’t sold out an Amazon…yet (crossing my fingers)

6. Sapadilla
Sapadilla soap is a local soap company here in Burnaby, BC. Although their social media is basically non-existent (come on, we want to share how much we love you!), their soap is amazing. Again, there’s a scent, but it’s minimal, smells natural and doesn’t over perfume every article or dish you touch. I have used their laundry soap for at least a year now, and also have invested in their countertop spray, dish soap, and hand soap. You can buy it bulk at Cook Culture as well as The Soap Dispensary in Vancouver!

7. Ativo Skincare – Pura Cleansing Oil
Use code ANNA15 for 15% off
Okay first off this company is incredible. Run and created by a mother daughter duo, in the Lower Mainland (aka the surrounding area of the actually city of Vancouver, BC), I’ve fallen big time in love with this company. I use more than one of their products for my face regime, however this is my latest buy, and once again it did not disappoint. The Pura Cleansing Gel smells amaze balls (yes I say that phrase in real life), like a mystical garden that you want to layer on your face everyday haha. AND it actually takes off your makeup without making it feel sticky, gummy or oily. Followed by the foaming face wash, it’s bomb.

8. Stainless Steel Straws
This is not new news. I don’t share them enough through my Instagram, but I love stainless steel straws. I find that they make things taste better, yes I’m for real, but honestly why is this such a trend now and didn’t catch on 20+ years ago. People, it’s SO easy to save money this way. Yes plastic straws aren’t expensive, but why don’t we teach our kids (I’m talking to my future babies) to grab the metal one out of the drawer, instead of buying 50 plastic ones every couple months. When I pack smoothies to go, I’ll pack a straw to go too, makes the drinking process more fun.

9. Shark Tank
We have my boy to thank for this favourite. Call us nerdy, but he got me into watching a lot of Shark Tank. It’s very exciting to watch entrepreneurs bring forward inventions, ideas and creativity in hopes of making a difference. I also am learning a lot, where one pitch I think is incredible, all sharks will prove why this idea is actually weak…who would have known. Education! I have enjoyed continuing to find ways to improve my intelligence and also broaden what I may already know now! Plus it’s free on Netflix, so easy peasy choice.

I even went and saw Kevin O’Leary live in February to hear what Mr. Wonderful really had to say (stuck with me until March), hence this zoomed in picture.

10. Lavender Oil to spray on my sheets
I don’t want to say this is the secret sauce, but gosh darn it’s sure helping! I add about 5 – 10 drops of lavender oil (depends how much you enjoy the fragrance) to a little bottle of water and spray it on my sheets before I get in. I find it helps relax and calm me down into the evening, using the smell to chill out before resting my eyes for the night. Now next step would be saying no to electronics a lot sooner than hitting the sheets. 

I hope you enjoyed the first addition of Monthly Favourites for March! If you’re curious about my favourites more related in the kitchen, everyday living, food etc. send me an email or DM and I’ll be sure to include it.

Thanks for reading and sharing my March favourites 🙂


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