My first SPUD box! A saviour in the back breaking grocery hauling trips I take as a result of having no car. It’s totally my choice to be buying jugs of milk, and canned beans but I can buy as many as I want now without having to worry about space in my backpack. This post is not sponsored or an ad for SPUD, it is in response to my genuine happiness with their service and products.

For those of you that don’t know, SPUD is a grocery service in Vancouver that offers local, organic and tasty groceries delivered right to your door! I had been sceptical about using this service as eating organic isn’t on my priority list (mainly due to budget), but eating more local is something I’ve been trying to slowly integrate in my life. I had recently bought some produce at the market closest to my house and decided to mimic the order using SPUD’s online system and the prices were very comparable! Not only was the amount almost the same but I was getting higher quality products from SPUD – organic and some local!

I looked at my calendar, found a time that I could have their free delivery service stop by my apartment…you heard me I said FREE! My first order was a bit of a scattered one…ordering produce but also things I need for the bathroom and kitchen supplies, but easy peasy it was all done in one order!

My order included:
Tom’s Simply White Peppermint Toothpaste

Seventh Generation Dishwashing Soap

– Bag to Earth Compost Bin Liners (this is similar)
– Organic Spinach Girl Spinach
– Organic GT’s 1.4L Gingerade Kombucha (what a deal, a huge bottle so I could have a small glass everyday, it was a treat)
– Organic Bananas
– Brussel Sprouts
– Organic Local Crimini Mushrooms
– Organic Avocados (I’m talking 99c organic avocados…HELLO)
– Organic Garlic
– Organic Lemons
– So Delicious Salted Cashew Cluster Cashew Milk Ice Cream

– Earth’s Own So Fresh Almond Chocolate Milk

– Spread’Em Kitchen’s Beet & Balsamic Spread (this spread is addictive and delicious, love supporting a Vancouver company who’s s*%$ is good!)

– Earth’s Choices Coconut Milk

Ener-C Variety Pack

I happened to be on the main floor of my apartment building doing some laundry, but Matt that week’s delivery driver gave me a call and let me know he was trying to drop my order off. I called him back and within the half an hour the boxes were sitting outside my door, such an easy system!

Although some of the options have a steeper price tag, I’m notorious for eating out when I feel like there’s nothing ‘good’ to eat in my fridge (even though there’s awesome options). This system helps me to organize my meal planning and ideas for the week because you can change your mind up to 3pm the day before. Instead of trying to make that decision right on the spot.

The following week I went ahead and order my SECOND box!

– Organic Apples
– Organic Avocado
– Organic Bananas (I ordered double this week, 12 organic bananas. I usually eat one a day, might use one or two in a smoothie and any that go too ripe I put in the freezer for banana bread)
– Local Organic Rainbow carrots from Athena Farms in the Okanagan
– Local Cucumber from Garden Green Hothouses in Chilliwack, BC
– Organic Yams from Morning Glory in California
– Organic Green Pepper
– Local Organic Orange Pepper from Garden Green Hothouses in Chilliwack, BC
– Local Organic Red Pepper from Origin Organic Farms in Delta, BC
King Island Coconut Water (100% the best coconut water I have tasted yet. Sweetest and richest in flavour, was stoked to find out SPUD carries it as it’s hard to find)
Dandies Vegan Marshmallows (the flavour and texture of these is unreal! No gelatin (which is made from random animal parts, kind of gross when I got thinking about it!) I’m going to try and snag some of these on my trip to Chicago soon)
Nature’s Path Organic Crispy Rice Cereal Eco-Pac
– Be Fresh Local Market Spinach & Basil Be Fresh Signature House-made Hummus
– Happy Planet Food’s Tomato & Grilled Cheese Soup

For my second box, I also tested out SPUD’s meal prep option! They had a Vegan Zucchini Almond Pad Thai for an awesome deal that week. What they do is provide you all the ingredients you need to make the dinner! If you already have some of the ingredients you can easily remove them from your list… like I already had almonds at home and ordered extra carrots so I de-selected them, which was reflected in the price.

Zucchini Almond Pad Thai (Vegan):
Organic Basil
Local Organic Carrots from list above
Organic Limes
Organic Green Onions from Siri and Son Farms in Oregon
Organic Zucchini
Miracle Noodle’s Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles – these little guys literally are miracle noodles, gluten free and soy free and TASTY! Loved the texture they gave in the pad thai.
Sunrise’s Organic Mandarin Pressed Tofu (Firm)

The Vegan Pad Thai turned out AWESOME! I used peanut butter in the recipe instead of almond butter as that’s just what I had but sprinkled it with almonds! The big batch made me about 4-5 servings, one of which I froze. I will say the recipe was almost reheated, but once frozen then reheated the miracle noodles and all the flavours were kind of funky texture and flavour. But live and learn right? I’ll just have to prep to eat the batch throughout the week.

My SPUD experience has made grocery shopping easy, less stressful and I’m able to really budget for the week. Overall I’m spending about the same amount of money, but now it’s a bit more on groceries versus eating out. I find myself less stressed trying to figure out if it’s a good deal…if it’s not I just remove it from my list! I look forward to making a new order each week. When it arrives at my door it’s like Christmas has come every week!

They also deliver outside the Vancouver area. Live in Coquitlam? Not a problem, they still have free delivery days! All the way out to Abbotsford!

This post is by no means sponsored or an ad for SPUD, it is in response to my genuine happiness with this service and their products. I highly suggested you give it a try, whether you’re cooking for 1 or 6!

Do you want $20 off your order?! Use the coupon code ‘CRVAN-DUEANA’ to get twenty dollars off! What a great deal –> head to to start making your grocery list!

Until next time Nummers!


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