Well…happy 2016! A new year has begun thus we feel the obligation to set new goals and challenge ourselves to achieve something greater for the next 365 days. I’ve never been one to choose new goals for the change in year, but I figured why not try a seven day challenge to kick 2016 off! For those of you unfamiliar with the website Buzzfeed, you need to check it out. It is fantastic for providing lists of recipes with a specific ingredient, what you should cook for dinner this week and more…I may have a small addiction!

Every week the Buzzfeed Food newsletter provides small tips to eat healthier and cleaner, this week’s focus about the new year. A ‘Here’s How To Actually Eat Healthier In 2016‘ 7 day clean eating food challenge. I’ve always been tempted to try their meal plans but resisted them due to food needing to be eaten in my fridge and finding the time to meal prep in my schedule. With an empty fridge upon returning from holidays and a little bit of free time before my last semester begins, I said why not!

First…grocery shopping!

Buzzfeed has made this too easy, providing a grocery list divided up into sections and alphabetically, satisfying my OCD tendencies! I headed off to my local superstore and ended up with his haul of food:

I ran into some difficulties finding some ingredients, for stock reasons or I didn’t know what they were: Acorn Squash, Brussel Sprouts, Fennel, Parsnips, Sage, Tempeh.

I also followed Abby’s advice (the nutritionist who created this plan) and substituted some items with others for cost and availability reasons:

Navel oranges for blood oranges (cheaper)
Red grapes for pomegranates (cheaper)
Lemon juice for apple cider vinegar (already had in my pantry)
Peanut butter for almond butter (already had in my pantry)
Dried cranberries for dried cherries (already had in my pantry)
Dates for raisins (because who likes raisins)

This grocery haul costed me just under $100 which is much more than I usually spend; especially considering I already had the canned tomato paste and chickpeas, fish and chicken. Luckily I had a giftcard to use! However, I bought a whole bag of quick oats, and a much larger container of almond milk than required, thus leaving me some leftover ingredients already!

The Saturday before the 7 day meal plan is just to get the groceries, the real 7 day clean eating challenge starts tomorrow, Sunday! I will be blogging at the end of every day to share what I thought of the preparation time, cooking difficulty, taste and fullness satisfaction. Let’s be honest…I can’t wait until the dark chocolate evening snack already!

Feel free to join me in this challenge, I’d love to hear your thoughts too!


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