​Hello end of October!

What a great month this has been with the leaves changing colours and making the streets of Vancouver colourful and crunchy as we walk. We’ve had a few days with lots of rain, but overall the weather is warm, I’m soaking whatever Vitamin D and fresh air I can! This post is super delayed but still worth sharing since the weather is so nice!

I was fortunate enough to spend my Thanksgiving weekend with friends and their families who took me in for the holiday. My family is out of town and I’m not always able to take time off all my jobs or have the funds to go home for three days (p.s. cannot wait for West Jet’s new no frills airline to debut in 2018). For those of you reading this and not in Canada, first of HELLO! And secondly a tid bit of info that we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October!

I joined two of my friends from university to head to Abbotsford for a family dinner on the Saturday night. I’ve been doing my best when eating at home to consume less meat and dairy…but I couldn’t say no to turkey, gravy and stuffing so out the window that eating habit went. I reminded myself that it’s okay to be flexible and sometimes lenient on my habits. Also reminded myself that I shouldn’t compare myself to someone else’s eating lifestyle as I have a different schedule, body and BUDGET…but to work with what I can the best I can!

On Sunday morning we headed to the Taves Farms in Abbotsford! An apple and pumpkin picking farm with lots of activities for the little ones. It was jam packed with children and families everywhere, making walking around a bit tricky but we stopped by the apple trees first!

I had the most fashionable shoes on (we weren’t sure how muddy it was going to be), for this adventure but I’m glad I wore them. I’m not sure how fashion bloggers do it standing still looking cool, maybe it’s the dancer in me but I can’t help but MOVE when trying to take photos!

The apple trees seemed to have most of them already plucked off the branches, but it was an interesting experience seeing how many different types of apples there were! I was hanging on to one of the branches to try and get a good picture…but you can see what happened, apple sap all over my hand, sticky!

Next up we waddled over to the pumpkin patch taking a look at the small and big pumpkins. This is where all the little ones (and p.s. by little ones I mean children) were!  They were the cutest though squealing ‘a spider, a spider!’ or being fascinated by all observing the different shapes and colours.

We found a few small ones that were perfectly round in shape and looked like good centre pieces for our small tables! I mean we don’t go trick or treating anymore…and do apartment buildings do it?! I want to give candy to the kids in my building but don’t want to creep them out by being the only one! Does anyone know the standard about this, I want to give them candy or else I’ll just eat it all myself!

We also found a stack of some bigger pumpkins and couldn’t resist a group shot! I would have loved to have brought one home to carve and roast the seeds but I don’t think carrying a 20lb pumpkin through transit would have been the best idea, ha!

Our last stop was the Applebarn Country Store. We didn’t pick any of our own apples but read 5, 10 and 20lb bags were available. I picked up a 5lb bag of Gala apples, which were a crisp treat in my Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats for over a week or for a quick snack in the day.

We also got to taste test their Apple Cider which was DELICIOUS. So sweet in flavour, very refreshing and I felt proud to be supporting a local business. I picked up the plastic 500ml bottle for myself to enjoy on my commute home and picked up this beautiful glass bottle to gift to the host of my Thanksgiving Dinner #2! Through their website I just found out they sell this in the city, woohoo!

We ended our day waiting an hour in line so my friends could buy some roasted corn. It was well worth the wait being able to people watch in the meantime, ha! It sure smelt good and they ate it in about 2.5 seconds!

Overall a great Sunday afternoon spent. I forgot to mention you don’t have to pay for parking, OR an entrance fee unless you’re interested in some of their small attractions like their jumping pillow and zip line. And of course make sure you pay for your pumpkins (mine was only $1) and apples!

Thanks Taves Family Farms for creating such an iconic farm site with such a warm and welcoming vibe! If I lived closer I’d be back sooner!

P.s. wondering what to do with those apples? You could make:

Apple Oat Muffins
Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Thanks for reading Nummers!


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