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I’ve gathered a few of my favourite, and most used kitchen items together for you. Each has either enhanced my cooking, baking or storage experience in my apartment kitchen space. Living in an apartment, specifically an older building, a large luxurious kitchen isn’t what I have. I constantly day dream, one day, I’ll have enough cupboard space for all the baking dishes and molds out there. I’ve had to be strategic on a few of the items, making sure they serve more than one purpose. And also, choosing items that I have fun with, making the kitchen experience more joyful. A few of the items, have been necessities for me, ever since starting baking around the age of 12. And well, we can thank university for opening me up to the world of coffee (and I’m glad it did).

Here are the 10 most used items in my kitchen

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Blender | Chef’s Knife | Coffee Machine | Milk Frother | Stand Mixer | Mixing Bowls | Cast Iron Pan | Silicone Spatula | Glass Containers | Baking Sheets

Let’s talk about the top 10

Vitamix Blender | Oh baby, this was a splurge but SO worth it. This blender helped replace 3 other appliances for me. My big food processor, small food processor and an old blender. If I had previously owned a hand immersion blender, it would have replaced that too. Its 2.2 horse power base, does its job well. Making the smoothest smoothies (say that 10 times fast), as well as soups, pizza dough, avocado pesto sauce…the list goes on. 100% worth saving for.

7″ Global Chef’s Knife | After leaving a job a few years ago from a kitchen and cooking store, I realized how important a good knife was. While working there, I had the chance to try a plethora of amazing chef knives, it showed me the value of a good tool. My preference, having smaller hands is a 7″, but most likely for folks with larger hands you’ll enjoy the 8″. A fluted knife, like this 8″ fluted chef’s knife, is only to give small air pockets between your knife and vegetables. I also splurged on this 3″ pairing knife, which has served great purpose as well. Having the proper tool has made being a sous chef much faster, and more enjoyable – I feel like a boss in the kitchen!

Coffee Machine | I own a Saeco Vienna Superautomatica that is over 15 years old! It was a hand me down from my Dad, and as he’s always said, if you treat your objects well, they’ll last you much longer. This machine unfortunately isn’t available on the market anymore. If I’d have to buy a new coffee machine, I’d go for this Breville, as it includes the bean grinder. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, this Breville model would make a great alternative. I’d use the Hario Coffee Bean Mill (great for camping) I already have, for fresh ground beans. It may seem pricey upfront, but if you and/or others in your household are avid coffee drinkers, you’ll save back the price of a machine in no time.

Secura Milk Frother | If you are looking for a fancy latte, which for me means my 3:00pm matcha latte to get through the rest of the work day, this one is simple. Great for heating milk, or milk froth, yes even for plant-based milks, this small appliance has lasted me already a couple of years.

Reusable Containers | My saving grace. I am 100% a leftovers type of gal. Containers help keep my leftovers portioned to one serving, and easy grab and go for lunches and in the freezer for later. I also have also noticed air tight containers have helped tremendously keep my fruits and vegetables fresh. I highly suggest getting a set that is clear, so you can see what’s in your food, as well as containers that can handle heat or being in the freezer. It does mean a few more dishes, but likely less food waste and less garbage.

Shop more of my favourites

KitchenAid Stand Mixer | This is a splurge for the kitchen. It helps make any baking recipe much faster as your hands are free while it mixes. The variety of hooks are handy too. The dough hook helps knead dough more evenly. If you’re looking to whisk egg whites or aquafaba (the vegan version of egg whites), it’s no trouble with the whisk attachment.

Lodge Cast Iron Pan | If you’re considering making healthier choices in your kitchen, consider switching to a cast iron pan. I’m a fan of the Lodge brand, and you can find out how and what they’re made from in this video. These pans will last you YEARS, I’m talking 100+, if you clean and season it properly. They retain heat really well, and also don’t contain any carcinogenic coating that almost all non-stick pans do. Yes, overtime you end up eating that non-stick coating…gross.

Baking Sheets | These sheets are different than other cookie sheets with edges on the sides. They are more flat, and will distribute the temperature more evenly to help not burn the bottom of your cookies. They are also great for pavlovas or using underneath silicone cake molds to hold them sturdy for example. As well, if you’re a meat eater, this will help separate the taste and residue from cooked meat or veggies from your baked goods.

Mixing Bowls | Another baking must, a variety of sizes of bowls, for a variety of recipes. I also enjoy a set that stacks properly to make for a better use of storage space. Keep in mind metal bowls will keep some of your ingredient’s temperature. E.g. if you put cold butter in a bowl, it will be cold, and if you’re trying to keep another ingredient warm, it may be harder to warm it up.

Silicone Spatulas | These are a huge food saver. Quick tip: make sure you purchase a set of spatulas that are heat resistant. They will double as both a stirring utensil, and for scraping the last bits of dough out of a bowl. A smaller spatula is a great tool to scrap the last bit of peanut butter out of a jar!

What are you favourite kitchen tools? Am I missing any that you consider must haves? Have you tried any of these products before? Comment below!

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P.s. if you liked the above graphic, I made it on Canva.

Disclaimer: I earn affiliate income from qualifying purchases.

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