Hello Nummers! This is my first restaurant review, and by no means am I a reviewer certified to give out Michelin Stars. Living in Vancouver, BC I eat out A LOT (too much)…but with such good food and a diverse variety of options it is difficult not to!

I recently jumped on the band wagon and watched the Netflix Documentary by Kip Andersen What The Health. This is not to convince you to spend your evening watching this movie but if you find yourself bored scrolling through Netflix, why not give it a try! I grew up in Calgary, AB and meat has been a staple of my diet for sometime. As someone cooking for 1.5 people (having a guest over for dinner often), I would consider myself a lazy-tarian. Meat is too expensive for my budget and cooking it has become too much of a hassle. I’ve never considered cutting meat completely out of my diet especially, but now this documentary has me thinking about whats going into my body. One line really stuck with me that meat is created from plants…animals eat plans to produce meat, so why not skip a step and eat plants.

Okay blah blah blah! To keep you updated I’m still eating meat and seafood, but trying to slow decrease my consumption and make small changes. I encourage you to explore new changes too, and tell me about them on Instagram @anna_dueck!

This timing fell perfectly together! Chef Lexx connected with me on Instagram about a COMPLETELY different topic, but I thought it was about time to try this Yaletown hangout! It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, organic and plant based…and no that doesn’t meet you have just water and air left to eat, ha!

ALSO!!!! 100% of profits go to charity. Their vision is to have a conscious community full of empowerment, love and care. Good food, for a good reason.

The sign on the outside with the simple black, white and pop and green make it feel super edgy, but once inside there’s a sense of community, calmness and an enjoyable time. The hostess kindly sat me down by the window, with pulled back glass making it the perfect spot to people watch in Yaletown (kind of nice since I went solo).

Lexx came to great me with a warm smile, and I asked her what I should order. Obviously everything sounded amazing but the Tacos and Buckwheat Pancakes were her first two suggestions. Considering I already had my Overnight Oats for breakfast I decided tacos it was!

While meeting Lexx and talking about tacos, a gentleman behind us began talking about how wonderful the food was. He was visiting from Massachusetts and said he had been there last night and was back for Buckwheat Pancakes in the morning. He was a vegetarian and filled me in on some of the benefits he’s found since going meat free: less of a yucky taste in his mouth after eating, overall body odour to be less strong, better energy etc. He, Lexx and I chatted for most of my meal talking about people, society, travels, US politics (shocker), how handsome our Prime Minister is (shocker again) and about food!

“Great atmosphere, service, and selection of thoughtfully prepared all vegan food.  Save the planet, and feed yourself at Zend Conscious Lounge.  Your stomach will thank you! ” – Aaron

A lady also walked by the window asking what my meal was, she ended up coming in ordering the tacos too (not sure if she even knew it was all raw and plant based), but loved them! A major community and comfortable vibe in this space! P.s. for every order of their Buckwheat Pancakes they do a meal share, giving a meal to someone in need.

But back to the food, oh boy it was delicious! There wasn’t an icky taste or texture, which for myself I once had the assumption raw and vegan food tasted like. Instead it was fresh, flavourful and a multitude of tastes and textures in my mouth! Fresh guacamole, a bit of graininess from the dehydrated seed + spice mixture, red cabbage, cashew nut cheese sauce aka their queso which made it taste smooth and rich and how cool a taco shell made from only zucchini, red pepper and spices A-MAZING! I demolished all three with a smile on my face (I was a hungry hippo when I sat down).

Chef Lexx offered me dessert…how could one say no?! I opted for the Triple Chocolate Torte. That day it was served with coconut whipped cream and boy oh boy this was delicious! She mentioned to me it was all raw, meaning no oven, how convenient is that for the summer time! The coconut (because I love this flavour) was a thick rich addition on top. I tried to eat the whole thing but ended up taking some home!

Overall I highly recommend the Zend Conscious Lounge to ANYONE! Carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, dairy free and any and all in-between! My opinion of this restaurant was purely based from my experience in the space, and I would be honest if I didn’t have such a lovely time. I was not asked to write this review or sponsored in anyway but genuinely wanted to share this healthy, filling and community oriented restaurant in the heart of Yaletown in Vancouver, BC! Give it a try, you might just feel a bit better after!

Thanks Zend Conscious Lounge and Chef Lexx for having me! Can’t wait to bring my meat eating parents whom are visiting to give this a try.

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